Team Pride

A few weeks ago Carolina Blue Design Group was honored to produce a 5′ x 3′ vinyl banner for the

Porter Ridge Pirates!

Since the team is has a big league spirit it was obvious that they needed a big league representation. Each child was individually photographed by a photographer on site at one of their games. The digital photos were then sent to our imaging department where each image was color corrected and backgrounds were removed. After our imaging team chose the proper image for each child, the players were composed into a bold formation that worked each boy’s stance and positioning. After the main player composition was set, a background was added and color corrected to match the lighting from the players’ shots. “Pirates” Typography was set, colored to match the logo on the team’s jersey and styled to stand out upon the stadium background. Finally shadows were added using a 3-D ground plane and ray tracing from a virtual team model based on the actual photo lighting. We estimated 3 different lighting sources which made for a realistic stadium-style lighting composition. The final image was brought together with a gentle color correction overlay to adjust saturation and overall mood.

The Final Result:
A powerful image that instills the WOW-factor fitting of a championship baseball team!

Congratulations Pirates,
Western North Carolina
9U All-Star State Champions!


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