Feast or Famine

Fall Leaves Off the Deck Of My Office

Autumn Morning At The Office


Last week, in a lull of incoming photography projects, we did exercises in creative design. After my 15th logo design I began to wonder when our next assignment would arrive. As the week went on, wonder turned to worry, worry turned to anxiety. While we weren’t sitting idle, our income had come to a halt for a day or two.

I cant describe the feeling of not knowing where your next Design request is coming from… As I searched for peace of mind, I came across the name of a colleague who, years ago gave me some candid insight.

Its feast or famine!

You may have times where jobs flow like a river. But as long as you plan for it, you will be prepared for the dry spells that are sometimes, depending on market, inevitable.

How we prepare:

  1. Study! Stay up on constantly changing trends.
  2. Drill! Like any athlete, Creatives need to keep our skills fresh and sharp. If used correctly, fast design drills can make you money too!
  3. Organize! Clean up stray files, bookmarks
  4. Budget! Just because you’re making a mint today, conserve funds to make dry times seem less traumatic.
  5. Relax! If you just came out of a stressful deadline, take a day to restore your creative mind. A rested mind is a powerful mind!

Whether youre drowning in money or drowning in bills, take time to

reevaluate your plan and

take action!

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