2C the 4Cs in today’s business communications

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I really loved reading this article on LinkedIn today…

It took me back to Communication Arts class… Design should clearly communicate the intended message to the targeted audience through use of clean and concise imagery and well thought out copywriting… While it has always been our practice to incorporate the 4Ps, 8Cs… And all the other design principals into our layouts, the end result always seems to take on a personality of its own. I have done textbook layouts in a campaign of which i would swear would hit a home run… And nothing. Then there are the ads in which my love of artistic license takes over… After the proof is approved, i am astonished to see the high numbered results… Ive even “performed my job” while deleriously ill… After which i look at and think, who designed that? Certainly not me… But hey, it performed the best of the year! Ok… Go figure.
So yes, i believe a good designer should Always heed to the 4Cs and the basic design principals, but after 18 years in the art, I can say with confidence… a GREAT designer knows when to professionally deliver the fullest extent of their artistic license.

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